Weirs Beach: Half Moon Pizza Stand


The skinny: We spent a couple days up in the Lakes Region before the weather began to turn cool, and as we spent a few hours on a weekday at a quiet Weirs Beach, we looked up from the boardwalk and saw a pizza stand. Clearly, we had to get lunch.

It’s great to find places where you can eat outdoors while our New Hampshire seasons can still tolerate it. So we loved the idea that we could just order a casual lunch and sit across the street from beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee on a relaxing day.

The Half Moon Pizza Stand keeps things pretty simple, and being at the beach, slices seem to be its forte. You can grab a slice of cheese for $3.75, and a slice of pepperoni will set you back $4.50. If you want a whole pizza, it’ll run you $16.95 for a regular size cheese and $18.95 for its “XL” size.

Each topping adds to that price: an additional $1.50 for veggies and $2 for meat. Topping choices were pretty run of the mill, though we were surprised to see buffalo chicken and cajun chicken as options.

Review: During our stop for lunch, we ordered the regular size whole pizza with sausage ($18.95). We thought this was a bit pricey for a standard, but they do have something of a captive market (ie: there weren’t any other pizza options we could see).

As we saw a family served a pizza prior to us, we were a little worried about what we were in for. It looked so heavy on the cheese, and that wasn’t exactly what we wanted on a warm day.

But it’s what we were served anyway.

Deidre – always hungry for pizza – couldn’t even get through two slices of pie. TOO MUCH CHEESE, she thought. Making matters worse, Andrew thought the cheese seemed to be low quality “pizza cheese.”

The way-off cheese-to-sauce ratio made the sauce completely undetectable. We really had to dig to get a better taste. But even after removing the heavy layer of cheese to get a better taste, what we found was a bland, flavorless sauce.

The top of the pizza didn’t get much better with the sausage. Andrew thought it resembled dog food, but even dog food has flavor (we assume; we cannot faithfully attest to having eaten dog food). We ordered the sausage hoping it would be enough to save the pizza if everything else was bad – it didn’t live up to our hopes. It was clearly just pre-formed round pieces that, again, provided no flavor. Even as Deidre picked off a lot of the sausage, she realized she wasn’t helping matters.

If anything was going to save this pizza, it was the crust. The dough did bring the quality of the pizza up a notch. An oh-so-slight crunch on the bottom and a doughier end crust was to our liking, but it just wasn’t enough to save our lunch.

We usually include the cold pizza test at the end, but in this case, we didn’t have any. It was partly because we were at the beach, and partly because we’d had enough.

Rating: Deidre: 2 / Andrew: 2 = 4/10 slices

Half Moon Pizza Stand
240 Lakeside Ave., Weirs Beach/Laconia

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