Portsmouth: Savario’s Pizza & Calzone


The skinny: As long as we’ve been doing pizza reviews, there’s one place that Seacoast folks always mention: Savario’s. It’s legendary in these parts. (If you didn’t know that, the shop’s well-known and quirky owner will be glad to point it out for you.)

The thing with Savario’s is that there’s really no guarantee that when you show up, you’ll actually get pizza. Sometimes, it’s because the line is out the door, and other times it might just be that it closed once the dough ran out. Either way, it’s not your typical pizza place, which makes it feel like just getting a slice is an achievement. The owner does things his way, but it clearly works for him.

At lunchtime, you can only order cheese slices (aside from the mini calzones, which are a reasonable $4.50 each). By the way, credit cards aren’t accepted, so make a quick stop to one of the ATMs within walking distance.

Review: So, on our trip to Savario’s, we ordered the cheese slices. You can order slices individually ($2 each), or there are two specials: two slices and a water ($5) or two slices and a soda ($6). You don’t get more basic than that. And pizzas don’t get much more old school than at Savario’s.

Deidre loves thin slices, and these slices are extremely thin. Thin enough that Andrew could envision eating a whole pie and still not be full. In fact, everything about these slices was on the light side: the crust, the sauce, the cheese. This was not a heavy meal, making it ideal for the warmer weather months.

Deidre found the bottom crust to almost be nonexistent, which she felt made the sauce stand out more. The cheese was almost too nonexistent for her liking, and she would have appreciated some more of the topping. Andrew thought what there was of the cheese was good at least, and it melted well – the sign of quality mozzarella.

Because we only were able to order slices, there were no leftovers to be had, therefore nothing to review regarding Savario’s and the cold pizza taste test.

Rating: Deidre: 3.5 / Andrew: 4 = 7.5/10 slices

Savario’s Pizza & Calzone
238 State St., Portsmouth

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