About our blog

We started A Slice of New Hampshire because we thought it would be a fun side project for us. Not only do we love pizza and are (almost) never sick of it, but we love little road trips throughout the state. Since so many towns have pizza shops, it’s a great way to visit places we might otherwise pass by.

We always order a whole pizza. Sometimes ordering a slice is easiest, and we could try out a number of varieties that way, but this gives us, uh, more to research. (Hmmm, maybe we should have called this website A Whole Pizza of New Hampshire?)

We also try, when possible, to eat at the establishment. When we can eat the pizza right when it’s come out of the oven, it’s at its best. We may get pizza burn with this approach, but we’re willing to do that, for you.

We were just ordering pizzas at random at first, but we now make sure to order pizzas with at least one topping. We quickly discovered how toppings vary from place to place, and there is so much more to write about when you can talk about the freshness of the veggies or the quantity of the pepperoni.

We try to always order a pizza that’s a little too much for us to consume in one sitting. Andrew is a huge fan of cold pizza — as are plenty of pizza fans — so we think the cold pizza review can be just as informative. After all, if you’re going to pay for two meals with your pizza, don’t you want to make sure they are both worth eating?

And we had no idea how much we’d be connecting with other Granite Staters when we first started. It’s been amazing. What would we do without followers on Twitter and Facebook? We’d be lost without everyone’s help! We’ve received so many recommendations from our readers. And we take them seriously! We have a file of all the suggestions, with the recommenders’ names next to them — because we want to make sure to give people a shout-out for their help, especially if we love the pizza!

While we’re based in Manchester and it’s easiest for us to get to places in our region, we will make sure to hit other areas. We want all regions represented here!

And we love to hear feedback from everyone. If you like one of our reviews, be sure to comment. And if you disagree with us, that’s perfectly OK — we want to give readers the best review, so if you’ve had a different experience somewhere, let’s hear it!

A Slice of New Hampshire will always be a work in progress. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can always e-mail us at sliceofnh@gmail.com.