About us

A Slice of New Hampshire was born in February 2010 out of a couple’s two passions: pizza and writing.

Deidre was a journalist for more than a decade and is a former food editor at a southern New Hampshire newspaper. In 2007, she interviewed the presidential candidates during the N.H. Primary about food and published recipes from them in a series called “Primary Potluck.” Deidre loves a classic pepperoni pizza and has been known to have a bottomless stomach when it comes to the food. She currently works for a large online college.

Andrew was a copy editor and designer at the same newspaper. His new obsession is perfecting the homemade pizza, having tried grilling it outdoors and works the pizza stone in the kitchen. Andrew grew up on Greek pizza and loves to eat cold slices. He currently works as a communications specialist in Concord.

Deidre and Andrew were married in August 2009, making the union of two pizza lovers official. Their son was born in June 2014, and one local pizzeria has already claimed dibs on being the first pizza he tries.

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