Manchester: Home Run Pizza & Subs

The skinny: We’re always up for exploring around our home base – the Queen City – and Deidre had noticed one pizzeria making its way up the rankings on Yelp. We knew this meant our next review had to be done at Home Run Pizza & Subs.

Manchester: Xtra Chz

The skinny: We’ve been staying pretty local lately, so we needed to find a new pizza place in Manchester. While out running errands near the city’s mall recently, we (shockingly) got hungry for our favorite meal. After looking up ideas on where we could eat, we narrowed it down to Xtra Chz. Xtra Chz hasn’t been […]

Manchester: Skinny’s Pizzeria

The skinny: We love a good neighborhood pizza place, so we were excited to see Skinny’s Pizzeria open up shop on Amory Street in the heart of Manchester’s West Side. The menu is typical of most neighborhood spots, with lots of choices for different tastes. Of course, our eyes immediately went to the pizza offerings. […]