Northwood: Cooper Hill Pizzeria

The skinny: We had heard about Cooper Hill Pizzeria in Northwood from a few folks over the years, and it had been on Andrew’s radar through work in the area. With a family now in tow, we don’t make pizza-centric road trips like we used to (not to say that Cooper Hill — on Route […]

Portsmouth: Savario’s Pizza & Calzone

The skinny: As long as we’ve been doing pizza reviews, there’s one place that Seacoast folks always mention: Savario’s. It’s legendary in these parts. (If you didn’t know that, the shop’s well-known and quirky owner will be glad to point it out for you.)

Portsmouth: Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

The skinny: Every city in New Hampshire seems to have that one downtown restaurant that caters to many crowds. In Portsmouth, there’s one that has two restaurants, a nightclub and a cool outdoor deck. We recently made our first visit to Portsmouth Gas Light Co. The pizza pub is downstairs here, and when we arrived to […]