Portsmouth: Savario’s Pizza & Calzone

The skinny: As long as we’ve been doing pizza reviews, there’s one place that Seacoast folks always mention: Savario’s. It’s legendary in these parts. (If you didn’t know that, the shop’s well-known and quirky owner will be glad to point it out for you.)

Portsmouth: Portsmouth Gas Light Co.

The skinny: Every city in New Hampshire seems to have that one downtown restaurant that caters to many crowds. In Portsmouth, there’s one that has two restaurants, a nightclub and a cool outdoor deck. We recently made our first visit to Portsmouth Gas Light Co. The pizza pub is downstairs here, and when we arrived to […]

Portsmouth: Ken’s West End Pizza

The skinny: It’s obvious that there are a lot of pizza fans on the Seacoast, and we’re always happy to get recommendations from residents that way on where we should go on our next visit. We took up the suggestion of a few fans during our recent trip to Ken’s West End Pizza in Portsmouth. […]